Oil & Gas

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your comprehensive partner in Oil & Gas commodity trading

With years of experience collaborating with state-owned producers, prominent energy multinationals, and major oil traders, our team in oil & gas trading possesses invaluable insights into structuring deals, risk assessment, and advisory on trading intricacies. This proficiency extends to financing, transportation, and resource provisioning.

Our expertise covers resolution of trading and operational conflicts, spanning quality, quantity, contamination, and scarcity concerns. We excel in addressing disputes related to letter of credit and physical sale and purchase contracts.

Derived from our well-established foothold in the global trading sphere, our derivatives practice has flourished. Navigating the complexities of commodity price management, freight, currency exchange, and interest risks is a daily norm in this refined marketplace. Our advisory scope encompasses a broad spectrum of derivatives products

Sakha Corp.

Oil & Gas

Navigating intricate trade challenges is our forte, as we assist clients in the oil & gas sector navigate complexity with ease.

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